We Are Changing The Way We Communicate With Each Other. New Technology Has Enabled Us To Work Faster, See Farther and Communicate Better Than Any Time In History. Call Baker Technologies To See How You Can Take Advantage Of These New Services.

Fiber Optics is fast becoming the chosen technology for communications in voice, data and video conferencing. Voip telephone systems are now becoming commonplace in today's business environment. Systems integration allows users to take advantage of each of these technologies in ways that not only improve the speed of their internet connections but also adds to their communications capabilities with Voip phone systems that offers instant video conferencing right on the phone and an office phone system that can be spread across the building or across the country! We offer this technology to our clients with complete installation, training and service. Call on us for all of your communications needs.

Computer networks are advancing as quickly as new technologies are being created. Today's networks not only connect you to your company  but also to the entire world! With advances in gigabit ethernet, we are achieving speeds many times the speed of the 10/100 meg networks that we have been using the past few years. The latest networks are running up to 10 gigabits per second! You can even connect the new 3G phones directly to your network via WiFi. Video connections through your phone is now an option that many of us will be using in the very near future! We have been building and servicing networks for hospitals, doctor's offices, medical supply companies, city and county government offices and small businesses for many years and have the experience and expertise to create an integrated system for your business that will keep you connected for many years to come.

Sony Sharp WX-T81 3G Mobile PhoneSharp’s WX-T81’s 3G phone comes jam packed with dual screen which are a 2.2″ LCD screen that supports up to 240 x 320 resolutions, and a 262K ASV-CGS color display. The flip phone also comes equipped with dual cameras, which are a 1.1MP for video conferencing and a 2.0MP for photos.

Sharp WX-T81 3G Mobile Phone

Global IP Solutions has announced that iPhone 3G users will soon be able to make calls without using mobile phone minutes through Voice over IP. But this is through wi-fi only solution using GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile technology.

Application Developers Can Now Give Consumers the Best iPhone VoIP Experience with GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile

San Francisco —  Global IP Solutions (Oslo Børs: GIPS), the leading provider of IP multimedia processing solutions, announced today that GIPS is enabling voice over IP (VoIP) for Apple Inc.’s iPhone. Using GIPS VoiceEngine™ Mobile, iPhone application developers can quickly integrate quality, real-time VoIP applications, which makes it easier for consumers to enjoy their favorite iPhone games, applications and social networking experiences.