Double Down

                Song Samples

1. Home Grown

2. Introducing Tomorrow

3. Hugh Hefner

4. Never Loving You

5. Can't Believe

6. The Life That I Once Knew

7. Steppin' Large

8. This Is A Man

9. Voices

10. Scent Of Thought

Baker Productions has just finished the final mixes and mastering of the group “Double Down” in their Cullman, Alabama Studios. The project has taken three months to complete and will be in manufacturing in a few weeks. Charles Baker produced the project for “Steppin’ Large Records” and Werner Pranzas, who will be handling sales and promotion for the band. The Double Down Band will be promoted in Germany and the European Countries by the Neuearbelt GmbH Company located in Stuttgart Germany. Werner Pranzas and the Neuearbelt company markets the bands through television, radio, film and concert promotions. Mr. Pranzas will also be handling the retail sales and distribution of the band’s new CD “Homegrown”.To support their upcoming 3 month, 75 date European Tour, the band is preparing to start production of the “Homegrown” music video, to be shot on location here in the
North Alabama Area by Baker Productions. The videos are expected to be released to the European Markets in Holland, Switzerland, Germany and France by mid Spring, and the tour starting in early Summer and wrapping up by the end of the year. If all goes well, the band will be moving on to an Asian tour starting in Japan in early 2007.