Video Production


Baker Productions is ready to "Roll" onto the scene wherever your production needs take you! Our trucks are equipment and ready to provide you with the very best in Audio and Video Recording and Live Performance production. If your venue is in the Southeastern United States, then we are ready to be there for you!


The Adobe Premiere Pro and ReelTime Video Editor Stations are the heart of the Video Production Studios. Master footage from Beta, 3/4, 8mm Digital, SVHS and VHS can be edited and special effects added at this console. Final output footage can be on any format the client may need.

The Ramsa WD-T820B Audio Editing Console is used to master the Audio Tracks for Music Videos, TV Commercials, and Commercial Video for Industry. MP3 files for Web Page Design is also done here. This same model Console is used in our Mobil Recording Studio for 100% compatablilty of all recorded audio.


VHS consumer tapes are duplicated in house here at Baker Productions. Duplications are made directly from the digital master to keep the quality high. The design, layout, printing and packaging of the full color inserts and printing on the DVDs is done here in our manufacturing facility.


Our Mobil Recording Studio ("The Mrs".) is a fully equipped 4 camera video, 24 track audio, studio on wheels ! We are ready to go on a moments notice to capture everything from a news story for the 10 O'clock news to a full production music video, shot on loaction with in a 500 mile radius of Cullman.


The Mrs. is fully self contained with a generator and heating and air conditioning. If there is a way to drive to the venue, we can get there in style and supply all of the electrical needs for the production.


The recording equipment console is custom designed specificly for the needs of the engineers. All of the components are securely installed in the console and at arms reach for any and all functions. The Ramsa WR-T820B Audio Console, Four high resolution LCD monitors, a 14 inch Video Monitor and the Alesis Hd 24 digital recorder, along with the Premiere Pro Video Recording Computer is visible in this photo.

mrs_inside4.jpg The Ramsa WD-T820B audio console is used to route all of the audio signals from the venue to both the Alesis HD 24 Digital Recorders and the Premiere Pro Video Recording Computer. A full "live" mix can be sent to the video recorders while 24 individual tracks are sent to the HD 24 for mixdown later back at Baker Productions Recording Studios. But, if needed, the Mrs. is fully equipped  to mixdown and master the program material right in the truck, along with being able to fully edit the video and master to DVD too!